Veterinary Information System (VIS)

VIS is a function rich and user friendly veterinary software system developed carefully and through extensive consultation with experts in the veterinary field.

VIS system contains following modules:

- I & R (Identification and Registration)

- Animal Health module

  • GIS component, use of licensed ArcGIS Server Enterprise Standard Windows and ArcEditor
  • Concurrent software with the VIS database to perform required functions for creation of different reports (maps) and functionalities
  • PDA and Web application for Sample Management for sheep and goats
  • Annual Order implementation
  • Outbreak investigation module
  • Module for private veterinary clinics
  • Module for recording expenditures from the program for animal and public health
  • Module for official controls in relation to animal protection and welfare

- Public Health module

  • Register of operators and establishments in public health sector
  • Register for veterinary medicinal products
  • Register for feed additives
  • Module for official control of Veterinary Inspectors
  • Module for private sector operators
  • Module for official sampling and laboratory analyses
  • Module for control of residues in food of animal origin
  • Module for control of zoonoses and alimentary intoxications

- Report generation module

  • Forms for generating reports from Animal Health module
  • Forms for generating reports from Public Health module
  • Forms for generating reports from I&R

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