Quality Assurance

Software testing and quality control are essential subsets of software quality assurance. Online provides a complete and in depth quality standard through the entire development lifecycle, ensuring top Quality Assurance.

Key benefits of Online's QA

We strive to set the highest possible quality standards for all Online products. The key components of our quality standard that we offer to you are:

  • ISO 9001 Quality management certification
  • ISO/IEC 20000 IT service management certification
  • An independent well organized QA department
  • A highly experienced QA staff with team members that are specialized in different areas to complement each other
  • Experience in successful completion, deployment, maintenance and support of numerous projects
  • A wide range of testing techniques: functional, performance, stress, load, security, accessibility, usability, localization and other.
  • Well organized and adaptable test process with detailed reports at every stage
  • Integration of our processes with yours when needed

What do you get with sofware QA

Due to their deep knowledge of the software development life cycle and extensive hands-on experience, Online's specialists are able to reveal problems in software development projects at the earliest stage. This helps to:

  • Get impartial data which assist in evaluating the real project progress, to disclose the project failure signs, and to correct the situation on time
  • Stimulate the development team to act in a right way and develop proper software
  • Timely discover requirements misunderstanding
  • Mitigate topical risks associated with high workforce attrition
  • To get impartial quality assessment of the developed software in issues with vendors
  • In other words, we can avoid lots of bad expenses and enjoy the real advantages of quality software.