Online for Public Sector

Operating in the public sector is often rewarding and always demanding. Meeting the needs of citizens, colleagues and oversight groups requires a level of efficiency and accountability that most private sector organizations rarely encounter. The sensitive nature of public data and reporting, workforce management, funding and government standards elevates the need for technology solutions that are dependable, efficient and secure.

With hundreds of deployments for various city, state and local agencies to our credit, Online’s seasoned public sector team understands how to help government bodies increase satisfaction within communities while improving operational effectiveness.

EDUSOFT works for municipalities, ministries and other governmental institutions to help them deliver major change, improve performance, drive financial efficiency by providing them world class financial management software and e-Business solutions.

Our team has first hand experience of working in organisations across the public sector. Through this understanding, we can work with you to help deliver tangible results that can have a positive impact both on your organisation and on those who use your services.

Our solutions for Public Sector

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