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Automated Court Case Management Information System

Automated Court Case Management Information System (ACCMIS) is a robust, full-featured system which automates and tracks all aspects of case life cycle from initial filing through disposition and appeal as to each individual party for Criminal, Juvenile, Minor Offenses (Traffic Violations), Civil, Small Claims etc. Whether general or limited jurisdiction and no matter the case type - our court case management system provides a complete solution for clerks, judges and everyone in between. Since our expertise extends from law enforcement and records management right on through to corrections and supervision, many of our customers enjoy a complete end-to-end justice solution through ACCMIS.


  • Covers all aspects of managing court cases for all types of courts
  • Operates in an on-line, real time basis
  • Provides services 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and 365 days per year
  • Highly scalable-the system can operate in all kinds of courts, containing different organizational structures
  • Provides increased security
  • Provides possibilites for generating various reports
  • Significantly reduces repetitive tasks
  • Greatly enhances the quality of data
  • Provides enhanced statistics and monitoring

Institusions using ACCMIS:

Since 2010, Automated Court Case Management Information System (ACCMIS), replacing manual case processing and enabling courts to become more efficient and transparent. Combined with training in communications strategy development, public information, customer service, case-flow management and court administration, the automation of court processes provides the public with a window into the country's judicial system.

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