ONLINE - IT Solutions Company

About Us

ONLINE is a professional IT company specializing in Hardware, and development and implementation of software applications.

Founded in 2003 in Pristina, Republic of Kosovo, Online has consistently produced high quality software developed using state-of-art technologies that run on various platforms.

The client base exceeds one hundred companies, from small to large businesses as well as governmental institutions. The company possesses strong knowledge and experience in providing software services for industries such as finance, insurance, judiciary, veterinary, engineering, construction etc.

Online takes pride in an highly ethical approach to business and this commitment comes from the top down. Most of our employees have made many years significant contribution to the business and this wealth of experience is regularly refreshed with younger talented people joining the company often straight from higher education.

Our Core Values

Quality of our Products and Services

We strive to produce the highest quality software available in the industry.

Customer Satisfaction

Our clients are the focal point of our software development. This is necessary to maximize the usefulness of the software that we create. Great communication is necessary for success in any software development effort. We strive to build a close working relationship with our clients before, during, and after development of the software. We take pride in supporting our software, and desire to maximize the satisfaction of our customers with the software we create.

Continuous Improvement

The software industry is brimming with technology. Many individual technologies are broad in scope and rich with features. It is essential to continuously study existing technologies, always striving to perfect skills in those areas. In addition, it is necessary to stay abreast of new ideas, tools, and techniques. At Online, we recognize this, and are constantly working to increase the depth and breadth of our software development knowledge and skills.